Email Marketing Masterclass: The #1 Easy Way To Grow Your Business


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Email Marketing Masterclass: The #1 Easy Way To Grow Your Business

About Course

আপনি বিজনেস শুরু করছেন কিন্তু ইমেইল মার্কেটিং সম্পর্কে যদি ধারনা না থাকে তাহলে বিজনেসে দ্রুত গ্রোথ নিয়ে আসা সম্ভব না। বিজনেসে দ্রুত সাকসেস পেতে গেলে ইমেইল লিস্ট বিল্ড সবার আগে জরুরী, আর ইমেইল লিস্ট বিল্ড করতে গেলে ইমেইল মার্কেটিং জানা টা জরুরী। এই কোর্সে আপনি ইমেইল মার্কেটিং সম্পর্কে এফ্রিথিং জানতে পারবেন। এছাড়া ইমেইল লিস্ট বিল্ড ক্রার বেশ কিছু সিক্রেট টিপসও জানতে শিখতে পারবেন। 

Course content

video Why Email Marketing is Important For You & Your Business
video Course Overview
video Creating your Free MailerLite account
video Knowing the MailerLite Features
video Other Email Marketing Platforms
video Identify your customer's desires
video What strategy will you use to build your email list?
video What is a Lead Magnet and how it will help to grow subscriptions exponentially
video Types of Lead Magnets and how to choose the best one for you
video Tips for Choosing the Best Lead Magnet for you
video Ebook - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet
video Video Series - How to Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet
video PDF or Report - How to create an irresistible Lead Magnet
video What is the Lead Magnet you will use?
video Subscriber management overview on MailerLite
video Creating groups on MailerLite
video Using Segments on MailerLite
video Importing & Exporting subscribers on MailerLite
video Remove inactive subscribers on MailerLite
video What is a Landing Page?
video Creating an Irresistible Landing Page to Attract More Customers
video Create your Landing Page in MailerLite
video Creating subscription forms in MailerLite
video Adding a subscription form to your website
video Introduction to Email Automation
video Planning Your Email Sequence like a Pro
video Creating an email sequence in MailerLite for new subscribers
video Activating and Testing your email automation
video Setting up automated emails in MailerLite
video Analyzing your campaign data
video Anti-spam policy. Keeping your account healthy
video What is A/B Testing and why is it important to you?
video How to Plan Your A/B test Campaign
video How to create an A/B Test in MailerLite step by step
video What is the best day and time to send your emails?
video The style you’ll use in your emails
video 10 ways to ensure your emails are mobile-friendly
video Personalizing Your Email Content
video How to get support from MailerLite
video Summary About Email Marketing


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